Erlang OTP for beginners – Part I

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How to install the Scala Lift web framework

Installing the Liftweb framework for Scala turned out to be so easy it hardly merits a note-to-self – even less so a blog post. Yet, it took me a while to figure it out. If you are a Scala/Lift novice like me I hope that this quick post helps you get started. Here’s how to setup Lift on Mac, Windows or Linux.  Continue reading

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Exporting a Google Docs spreadsheet with Python

This is a small Python module to demonstrate how to export a Googel spreadsheet using gdata-python-client.
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Installing Geo CouchDB from source

These steps work on Debian 6 and Ubuntu 11.04. The build takes a while and although the procedure is probably not ideal I was happy to end up with a working Geo CouchDB. Corrections and suggestions are welcome. Continue reading

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Python logging tutorial

The Python standard library’s logging module is flexible and easy to use, yet its documentation left me initially confused. I wrote this brief tutorial as a quick reference for my own benefit and hopefully yours. Continue reading

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A pingback plugin for web2py

Pingbacks allow blog posts and other resources such as photos to automatically notify one another of backlinks. This plugin exposes a decorator to pingback-enable web2py controller actions and a pingback client to inform a WordPress blog, for example, that we link to it. Continue reading

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